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Every dollar spent must be spent wisely.  In today’s times having your tools of trade sharpened or repaired is a smart decision.  Not every sharpener can have a talent in sharpening.

It takes someone properly trained with years of experience to learn the skills needed.  At the Sharper Edge of KC you have honesty and a guarantee on every item you send us.  We pay attention to the details and simply working a blade too hard on the machine won’t pass.

We have 15 years experience working in the sharpening industry so we know your expectations – and we aren’t willing to fall short on them.

We take the time necessary to fix your equipment repairs without waiting endlessly. And we will always keep you in the loop with the status of your order.  We regard service as a quality earned.

Call 913 238-2504 for sharpening services!

FREE Blade Drive!
$75 minimum sharpening order


 Our steps take time and each step is important to the end outcome. Your blades are sharpened, cleaned, tension and sockets checked and finally tested.  If we can't run them through the end testing step then we won't charge you.  Your satisfaction is our reward!    

From high performance scissors to general bandage and surgery pack scissors, our scissor sharpening Ooakami Gold machine, can handle them all.  It's a multi-step technique to establish an edge then refine it with the final honing process. 

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